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Every company has its own DNA – made of uniquely identifying ideas, values and people. So why do so many companies fail to function as one powerful whole?


Too often, barriers divide these organizations, blocking the heartbeat of a company from its leaders, and the leaders from their people. But leaders can change that. They can disrupt processes and ways of thinking that let them drift away from their core purpose. With better ways to think and act, leaders can re-align everyone to the mission that brought them together in the first place.


Leaders Can Rewire The Company’s DNA.


Change and leadership consulting must begin with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind and end with a solution as distinct as the company itself. The work is complete only when everyone in the organization – from the top to the bottom, from the central office to the most distant office – is transformed, with leaders prepared to lead and followers empowered to take action.




Customers are at the center of our heart, mind and actions.

Everything we do has an impact on the customers’ experience – for good or bad. That’s why we strive to bring immediate value to our customers through careful service design and delivery. We adhere to high ethical standards, always focus on the client’s agenda, and try to make the strength of our response spark a strong commitment to the transformation of the organization. We know that in every meeting and in every event, we must keep earning the client’s trust.



Embrace Life-Long Learning.

At May & Company, we learn from everybody we meet, and we invest continuously in our education. As coaches, facilitators, and consultants, we know we can’t help others change if we don’t know how to change ourselves.



Be brave, be yourself.

We stand up for our ideas and thoughts, even when they aren’t the accepted wisdom. Failure doesn’t overly concern us (much), as we see every event, negative or positive, as another opportunity to learn and improve.



Think “our” not “my” success.

At May & Company, we respect and care about each other and have fun working together. We work hard to develop the best solution but do it with humility, in a way that doesn’t take anyone’s time and effort for granted.

Our World, Our Commitment

At May & Co., we are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations thrive through embracing personal development, learning, and organizational stability. We recognize that truly successful and resilient organizations must embrace sustainability top-down, and we integrate this philosophy into our programs whenever possible. In our own organization, we strive to operate with integrity, fairness, and conservation in all aspects of our business.



We strive to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations, staff, and clients through a variety of practices and policies. Our global headquarters in Berlin at WeWork Sony Center are equipped with automatically dimming lights and climate control to ensure no unnecessary energy is wasted. Our normal business operations do not require excessive use of water, and our office facility provides water-saving fixtures including low-flow toilets, automatic faucets, and filtered tap water (no plastic bottled water). WeWork has committed to be entirely carbon-neutral by 2023. We utilize digital platforms as standard business practice wherever and whenever possible. Staff and clients are encouraged to work remotely and digitally, which helps to minimize unnecessary operational energy use.

May & Co.’s global reach extends across six continents, and we frequently work with organizations located everywhere in the world. Our policy is to facilitate our client interactions whenever possible via a digital platform in order to avoid unnecessary airplane travel and resource expenditure. Travel is only undertaken if the quality and outcome of the interactions will suffer via a digital interface or deemed necessary by our clients. Except when required for legal reasons or by our clients, we strive to be a paper-free organization, mitigating the resource use and waste associated with paper. Where paper is required, May & Co. encourages the use of post-consumer recycled paper, double-sided printing, and the final re-recycling of paper.



As May & Co. is a global organization, embracing diversity and the inclusion of people from all walks is an essential and non-negotiable business practice. We fervently believe that diversity fosters creativity and innovation as well as superior client solutions and experiences. We frequently cite the benefits of diversity in our client projects, and we embrace it in our workforce as well. Our global partner network of coaches and facilitators touches six continents, communicates in twenty languages, and is comprised of over 60% women. Our business is female-owned, and our internal staff is 80% international and over 60% female.

Rooted in our practice of embracing diversity and inclusion, May & Co. advocates that everyone be treated with respect and dignity with their fundamental human rights protected.
Except where required by client and operational demands, May & Co. encourages and empowers staff to work whenever and wherever will best balance their personal life to support mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. We offer both flexible working time and location. Full-time employees receive 30 vacation days per year and necessary sick-leave as required.

May & Co. is a woman-owned business with an internal workforce of over 60% women on staff.